Vanilla Peach Honey Butter

Vanilla-Honey-Peach-Butter-3_thumbNutmeg Nanny posted a recipe for Vanilla Peach Honey Butter that is to die for. You can access her recipe here. Peaches currently in season, I made my first attempt at canning.

Let’s just say, I will be canning A TON more this summer. It was so much fun! Something about creating your own fruit butters, jellies/jam’s or pickles rather than buying them from a store is so rewarding. And they make GREAT gifts! (Yes, family & friends .. you will all be receiving something I canned for the holidays)

I bought 12-8oz Kerr Quilted Crystal Jelly Jars from Target (only $8.99). This also comes with the cute labels as seen in the picture.

18 medium sized peaches yielded 8-8oz jars. I had no obstacles with this recipe, and I will be making more next week. This is definitely a recipe to keep!

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