Medieval Times

11110743_10152735846765759_8868023957199231275_nLooking for dinner and a show? Don’t feel like seeing a movie again this week? Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is your solution. We love this place. I think it is safe to say we go once a year, at least.

There are 9 different locations across the country.

While a bit pricey, be sure to look out for Groupon’s / coupon codes. Last time we went, I had a buy one get one free coupon code! They offer many packages and upgrades. I honestly suggest just getting the bare minimum package and save yourself some money. Unless you have kids, that really want to be knighted or take a picture with the royal family, you can still have just as much fun.

Tip – Arrive early! We like to arrive a few minutes before the doors open, because it is first come first serve. If you get there early, you will be sure to get a good seat. Plus we like time to explore and drink before the show!

While they charge waaay too much for drinks, you do get to keep the glass.

Plenty of things to do before the show: gift shop, take silly pictures in medieval clothes, be knighted, go to the bar, and our favorite – the torture museum.

Once the show starts, and you go to your assigned seat, your “wench” will serve you your meal.

Usually you receive a roasted chicken thigh/breast, a baked potato, soup, corn on the cob and a pastry. The food is delicious. The chicken is full of flavor and juicy, even the corn had a certain char to it that paired nicely.

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