Our First Korean BBQ Experience

11080932_10152690410560759_1561729006495367272_nKorean BBQ has been on our “must try” list for a long time now.

Edgar, my boyfriend, works in a new location and passes this restaurant everyday, New Keum Ho Jung in Edison, NJ.

Finally one Saturday night, he said let’s finally try this. Because we knew this was going to be such a new, exciting experience, we wanted to share it with others.

Do you have those friends you just know will be down for anything? We called them. And they were oh-SO-down.


The Rundown.

$89.95 for a Large Beef Combo (Serves 4 People)

Marinated boneless short rib.

Thinly sliced brisket.

Prime rib eye.

Steamed egg. (Holy yum)

King mushroom.

Sweet potato.


Beef Brisket Soybean paste stew. (Meh)

Appetizers (No idea what they were, but they were amazing.)


When you first sit down, your entire table is covered in small appetizers. All of which we had no idea what they were but decided to be adventurous and try them. DELICIOUS! Especially this cold-like potato salad thing.. Next, all of the meat was delivered to the table raw, which you cook to your liking on the charcoal grill in front of you. The meat was amazingly tender. Whatever it had been marinating in was heaven and I need to learn to make it at home ASAP.

All in all, I definitely recommend this restaurant/type of cuisine. There was plenty of food for 4 people, and you didn’t leave overwhelmingly full.

Tip: Make a reservation. This place gets crazy busy on the weekends.

Stamp of Approval-



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