Spinach Pie

10305051_10152659395385759_4430306052300344012_nIf you know me, you know that, besides tacos, pizza is my next favorite food.

Living in the tri-state area, I get the best pizza there is.

Some nights when I am feeling lazy (but still want a home cooked meal), I make my own pizza! Pair it with a nice glass of Sterling Pinot Noir, or Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon and your night is set.

One night I was feeling ambitious, and made my own pizza dough as well.

This spinach pie is officially my favorite pizza of all time. I think I converted Edgar as well, who loves a traditional cheese pizza.

Once the dough was ready, I rolled it out into a nice square, and topped it with some creamed spinach, and an egg. Simple!

Tip – Brush the crust with some olive oil to get a nice crispy crust.

You can use a hot pizza stone, but I don’t have one. I used a cookie sheet and it came out just as good!


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