Triumph Brewing Company

Fun Fact – I love craft beer. I even brew my own!

If you’re a craft beer lover, and you’ve never been to Triumph, what are you waiting for?

Maybe it’s because my first few dates with my man was here that I hold a special place in my heart for this brewery, or I love the ambiance.. Regardless, the beer here is superb.

Triumph has three locations:

Princeton, NJ

New Hope, PA

Red Bank, NJ (coming soon)

This is a great place for any occasion. Does your significant other not enjoy beer? That’s OK! They also serve hand crafted cocktails that are delightful. The location we often fancy, in Princeton, NJ, is slightly hidden. Once you enter, you walk down a long hallway, that leads you to a large pub. At the bar, you can see the tanks the beer is being brewed in, and your beer will be poured straight from the tap.

While they offer many selections, my two favorites are the Amber Ale and the Coffee & Cream Stout, which uses coffee beans from Small World Coffee located down the street in Princeton. Around $6 for a pint, and $20 for a pitcher, this beer is so worth it. They also sell growlers to go.

Your bill can certainly rack up quickly at this joint though. Some nights when we are feeling rich (payday), we dine in as well. Traditionally, I always get the Fish N Chips (which the batter is made with their Amber Ale). But when we just want a small snack, the nachos are the way to go! Topped with braised short rib ragu, tomatillos, avocado cream sauce.

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