Yummy Sushi

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If you are near Robbinsville, NJ, Yummy Sushi is a MUST.

I’ve tried many sushi places, and this is by far my favorite. Some people prefer the ‘all you can eat’ sushi places, but Yummy Sushi offers some of the freshest rolls I’ve ever had.

You will be paying a pretty penny, as most sushi restaurants, but 100% worth it.

Edgar and I usually start off with their Pork Gyoza (steamed) and miso soup (of course).

The avocado salad is also very tasty!

A few of my favorite rolls include:

Caterpillar Roll – Spicy crunchy tuna inside, avocado on top.

Pink Lady Roll – Tuna shrimp tempura, lobster salad, avocado mango inside, wrapped with pick soybean paper.

Vegetable Special Roll – Lettuces, oshinko, cucumber, avocado, mango wrapped with soy bean seaweed, kiwi on the top, w/ special sauce.


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