Keezer Build

Here it is!! The long awaited keezer my boyfriend and I have been wanting to build for over a year. His birthday is coming up, and I’m throwing him a huge beer tasting party. So I figured, since our favorite hobby is home brewing, it would be awesome if we could showcase our beer to everyone in a keezer.

Keezer = chest freezer with kegs

This project took 5 days to complete (about 4 hours each day). We ran into some difficulties due to the weather being so hot and humid, but alas, minor imperfections and all, I am so proud of this!

Magic Chef 6.9 cu feet chest freezer
Eva-dry Renewable E-333 Wireless Mini Dehumidifier
AC Infinity LS8038A-X Standard Cooling Fan
Inkbird All-Purpose Digital Temperature Controller
4- Draft Warehouse Beer Faucet and 4-Inch Shank Kit with Black Handle
4 Tap Picnic Faucet Home Brew Kegerator Fully Assembled (came with all beverage lines, gas lines, 4 way gas manifold, co2 tank and regulator)
1×10 10 ft Common Board
Varathane 1 qt. Kona Premium Wood Stain + Poly
3- 12 oz. Flat Black General Purpose Spray Paint
8x6x3 Project Box in black
6 ft Power cord
20 AMP outlet
Outlet wall plate

Step 1 – We wanted a black freezer, but could not find any store that sold one for a low price. So we bought a white one, and spray painted it matte black. Removed the lid, and patched up the vents.


Step 2- Build a collar. The reason we had to build a collar, was to have something to attach the taps to, while not having to drill into the freezer itself. Also, in order to fit 4 corny kegs, 1 keg had to sit on the hump, so 1×10 would give us enough room to do so. Using a 7/8″ spade bit, we made holes in the wood for the taps. I will admit, this was a very tight fit, but we made it work. We did not have access to a saw that would give us angles, so we improvised, and used liquid nails to seal the wood, and support from screws.


Step 3- Stain the wood. At first I was having an issue with the stain getting darker. But quickly realized, due to the humidity, the stain was not fully drying therefore the second coat would not stick. I took the piece into the house to dry in air conditioning for awhile, and from there the stain worked flawlessly. We purchased a stain that had polyurethane in it, so it was an easy one step process.


Step 4- Attach the collar to the freezer. We did so by using silicone. The silicone created a nice seal, and if something ever happens to the freezer where we need to replace it, the collar can be removed, and used again on a new freezer.


Step 5- Once the silicone has dried, and the collar is attached to the freezer, reattach the lid using wood screws.

Step 6- Wire the temperature controller, and add to the project box. Keep it at a temperature between 38F-42F.


Step 7- Transfer your beer to kegs.


Step 8- Hook up your beverage lines to the shanks. Hook up your gas lines to the manifold and CO2 tank.

Step 9- Attach the gas line to the keg (we did at 30PSI), and purge 3 times until all air has escaped the keg.

Step 10- Place kegs in keezer, and carbonate at 30 PSI for 48 hours.


Step 11- Change PSI to 12. Test beer, to see if you like the carbonation. If it is not ready, bump it back up to 30 PSI for another 12 hours. Check again. If it is too carbonated, purge the keg.

Step 12- Enjoy your keezer and throw a party to dispense all the beer!



Soon to be updated: I bought a dehumidifier, to keep the freezer dry and condensation free. I also bought a fan, to circulate the cold air. Many people have issues with their beer coming out foamy, because the bottom of the freezer is colder than where the beer lines are located. Warm beer = foam. The fan will prevent this.


Grilled Sirloin Steak

11140107_10152773601730759_5564632257978717176_nMy boyfriend’s specialty is steak. Over the years, he’s gotten more creative with cooking (no more Ramen for this guy!), and steak is his favorite thing to cook. I must say, I am super impressed with his steak skills. We can thank Gordon Ramsey for that on YouTube.

He knows I’m a snob for really tender steak (I usually order a filet mignon, even though the cut lacks flavor). He’s gotten me to enjoy a sirloin, which definately has significant flavor.

He uses a big blend of spices, and creates almost a crust on the steak (WARNING: spicy!). I don’t know how he gets it perfect everytime, but this is one dish I know I can sit back and wait for.

Medieval Times

11110743_10152735846765759_8868023957199231275_nLooking for dinner and a show? Don’t feel like seeing a movie again this week? Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is your solution. We love this place. I think it is safe to say we go once a year, at least.

There are 9 different locations across the country.

While a bit pricey, be sure to look out for Groupon’s / coupon codes. Last time we went, I had a buy one get one free coupon code! They offer many packages and upgrades. I honestly suggest just getting the bare minimum package and save yourself some money. Unless you have kids, that really want to be knighted or take a picture with the royal family, you can still have just as much fun.

Tip – Arrive early! We like to arrive a few minutes before the doors open, because it is first come first serve. If you get there early, you will be sure to get a good seat. Plus we like time to explore and drink before the show!

While they charge waaay too much for drinks, you do get to keep the glass.

Plenty of things to do before the show: gift shop, take silly pictures in medieval clothes, be knighted, go to the bar, and our favorite – the torture museum.

Once the show starts, and you go to your assigned seat, your “wench” will serve you your meal.

Usually you receive a roasted chicken thigh/breast, a baked potato, soup, corn on the cob and a pastry. The food is delicious. The chicken is full of flavor and juicy, even the corn had a certain char to it that paired nicely.

Stamp of Approval –


Triumph Brewing Company

Fun Fact – I love craft beer. I even brew my own!

If you’re a craft beer lover, and you’ve never been to Triumph, what are you waiting for?

Maybe it’s because my first few dates with my man was here that I hold a special place in my heart for this brewery, or I love the ambiance.. Regardless, the beer here is superb.

Triumph has three locations:

Princeton, NJ

New Hope, PA

Red Bank, NJ (coming soon)

This is a great place for any occasion. Does your significant other not enjoy beer? That’s OK! They also serve hand crafted cocktails that are delightful. The location we often fancy, in Princeton, NJ, is slightly hidden. Once you enter, you walk down a long hallway, that leads you to a large pub. At the bar, you can see the tanks the beer is being brewed in, and your beer will be poured straight from the tap.

While they offer many selections, my two favorites are the Amber Ale and the Coffee & Cream Stout, which uses coffee beans from Small World Coffee located down the street in Princeton. Around $6 for a pint, and $20 for a pitcher, this beer is so worth it. They also sell growlers to go.

Your bill can certainly rack up quickly at this joint though. Some nights when we are feeling rich (payday), we dine in as well. Traditionally, I always get the Fish N Chips (which the batter is made with their Amber Ale). But when we just want a small snack, the nachos are the way to go! Topped with braised short rib ragu, tomatillos, avocado cream sauce.

Stamp of Approval –